The Alchemist

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What is The Alchemist? (Brief Summary)

The Alchemist is a novel written by Paulo Coelho, which provides many lessons to a person in life. The story revolves around a boy named Santiago, who had a dream that there was a treasure near the pyramid in Egypt. When this dream came many times, he goes to a magician woman and asks the secret behind this dream. That woman advises him to go to Egypt, then he leaves to go to Egypt.

Where he works for a person for some time and makes that person very rich by using his intelligence. Similarly, he again meets an Englishman and at one place he meets a girl named Fatima, whom he falls in love with. Then he meets an Alchemist. In the end, he reaches the place where he dreams of being a treasure. But there some thieves rob his treasure from him.

When Santiago tells them about his dream, a man laughs and says that he too dreams of having a treasure under a tree at someplace. Saying this, they all leave. Santiago knew about that place so he goes to that place. This was the place where he lived. Thus, he finds the treasure and at last, goes to his love Fatima.

AuthorPaulo Coelho

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